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With over 50 years of combined real world experience, the staff at Residential Structures is committed to quality service that will meet the ever-changing needs of the dynamic environment in the construction industry. Ready & willing to assist you every step of the way with your various project needs. We consider referrals from our previous clients, the greatest testimony to the quality & service that we provide. Contact us today & allow our team to help you with your engineering & design needs.
Our company mission is to provide our clients with quality work, exceptional customer service and prompt turnaround time. This is based on years of experience in both building and construction industry. We look to provide feasible and lasting engineering designs and solutions to every client.
Here at Residential Structures our company philosophy is based on decades or combined experience in various areas of the engineering and construction industry. Our team has combined experience in structural design, engineered wood, manufactured components, building contracting, site planning/permitting and local building code requirements. This experience allows us to effectively and efficiently evaluate every project and provide feasible solutions to suit each customers engineering and building needs

Structural Design

Field Investigation Services

Existing Structures
Are you a homeowner or realtor? Did you have a home inspection turn up with potential structural issues?  Have you noticed significant cracks in your foundation, floors, walls, or ceilings?  Do you have a sagging beam or soft spots in your floors?  Residential Structures can investigate the situation and issue an engineering letter, sealed by one of our Professional Engineers, which documents the information collected during the investigation as well as our professional assessment of the cause of the problem and our recommended solution.

Framing Inspections
Catching a framing issue early on can potentially save you thousands down the road in costly structural repairs.  Prior to insulation, let Residential Structures perform a framing inspection to ensure that the house has been framed in accordance with the structural design drawings and applicable Building Code provisions.  After the inspection we will issue a report detailing any framing issues that were discovered and offer repair recommendations if necessary.  Having a framing inspection performed on your house will give you peace of mind that your house has been constructed as designed and perform adequately for the life of the structure.

Foundation/Rebar Inspections
Prior to pouring the concrete for your foundation or retaining walls, Residential Structures can perform an inspection to ensure that the footing geometries and rebar placement is in accordance with the foundation drawings.  Once it is determined that this prep work meets the plan specs, we will issue a sealed engineering letter to you.  Foundation issues can be extremely costly to fix once the house has been constructed, we recommend that you take this simple step to help ensure that what could have been a quick and easy fix prior to the pour does not turn into a major foundation repair down the road.

Residential Structures

Structural Design

Are you building a new home or starting a new renovation project? With the increasing complexity in residential house designs, and new developments in construction materials and practices, it is important to have a structural engineer involved in your new construction or renovation project.  Residential Structures P.C. can review your plans, size and determine necessary structural members and connections, provide a foundation design, and deliver a plan set sealed by one of our licensed engineers to certify the structural long term performance for that particular lot build.

Our knowledge of local building codes will ensure that your plans are in compliance with the current code (including wind bracing, seismic, and flood zone / costal engineering requirements) in order to get your plans approved by the local reviewing authority.  Our staff has decades of combined experience with residential construction and engineered wood products allowing us to provide cost effective engineering solutions while meeting the performance requirements desired by our customers.
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Residential Structures is also able to provide structural engineering services for many small scale commercial projects.  This includes pre-engineered metal building design services and construction.  Call us today to discuss. Contact Us

Residential Structures

Structural Consulting

New Construction
Are you building a new home?  Prior to having your structure engineered, Residential Structures P.C. can discuss various options for construction methods and materials to help ensure that your performance requirements and budget are met. We can provide a structural consultation to discuss various engineering options for your new build or renovation project.

Existing Structures
Do you have a sagging floor or a foundation crack? Are you unsure if a structural deficiency is present in an existing building?  Rather than spend money on an unnecessary field investigation, Residential Structures can discuss the issue with you and help determine if further investigation is required.

Residential Structures

Site Planning/Permitting

Residential Structures can help you with the planning and permitting of your next project.  This includes the preparation of site/grading plans and permitting documents.  Call us today to discuss.
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